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Daniella Henry, Founder and Creative Director - I shimmy. I wander. I people watch. I write. I was raised in a pretty bohemian lifestyle. I work hard to continue that. "Me gusta el juego y el vino. Tengo alma de marinero."- Joan Manuel Serrat.

Kimberly Romanello, Managing Editor - A sun-worshipping, grammar-loving, (red) wine enthusiast, who is guilty of continual sarcasm, occasionally consumed by wanderlust and always a lover of all dogs and the color turquoise.

John Ferguson, Marketing Director - A chronic traveler with a love for food, music, entertainment, fashion and sports. Give me something cool and I'll market it. 

Roberto Henry, Music Editor - I'm a lover of music, an avid home cook, and a Kanye West apologist. I live life to 3/4 full and I would never tell Argentina not to cry for me.